Spring has Sprung 

Been busy working never really thought about the weather change. But we’re using the heater less! Days are getting longer

But the rain still gets in the way of any extiorior boat work. Like painting oiling teak all the stuff that I fretted about all winter.

Our plants are doing good on the float had 2 casualtys 1 Fir tree and my prize Japanese Maple blew off the float. Was bummed about my Maple but life goes on planted some flower in a planter box yesterday and moved stuff around on the float.

Who da thunk I would enjoy gardening planting thing watching it grow would be satisfying to my soul. And a floating garden at that!!!

I think of all my life changes most of them for the better. No alcohol no smoking trying to be more spiritual about how I do things trying to be there for our youth. I just wish I could have done this sooner for my children. I always wander what my dad ment when he said life is short as I get older I understand this more. Both my parent I met later on in life like I was 20 plus years old. But that’s another story .

Spring has sprung life is fresh in my head as new life events happen. I grow older learning from my past!!! And utilize what I learned in daily living. For today I’m a better person.



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Space the Final Frontier

Living Aboard has its challenges!!! With two adults one large dog and a cat.

In a space that any prison inmate in solatary confinement would be comfortable in.

Molly and I moved aboard a Erickson 27 sailboat the first of February apartment life was just to much for us rent going up 10% on apartment and about the same on storage. It was just to much for our income all the rates go up but not what we make to live on.

So the Space the Final Frontier no it’s not Star Trek wish it was Capt Kirk has a bigger ship than us. Don’t get me wrong I’m Happy with our lil niche in life a humble lil Erickson 27 sailboat

Molly myself Bubby the cat sleep in the vee berth Hope has a choice of 2 settee.

although she would much prefer to be in bed with her family. I am happy she likes life Aboard the sailboat Bubby has lived on a boat before so nothing new there for her.

The space thing is what to do with what we own that’s Aboard finding cubbys hidy holes for stuff what we need what is essential what is luxuries and what we want put it all on the scale of living and sort it out. Tiny homes are not new things people have been living on boats for years and doing it happily. That’s where wee ant to be

Dont get me wrong we’re happy in our relationship and both of us are comfortable it’s a team effort to do this we both want to be here .

Our happy lil home is in LaConner Wa  in a small 10 slip Marina that’s family owned by mollys cousin  Chip our adventure continues on daily getting up is a challenge I get up make coffee sit give our dog loves feed her and heat water for mollys tea and water to wash her face. Once Molly’s up the space gets smaller I sit dog jumps and sits on settee so Molly can get ready for work at her Nursery job. Mind you our dog Hope is a Dane mix a rather large dog on a small sailboat she has adapted to living on a small boat well with a mean kitty Bubby for a sister it has challenges daily

Plus we run our Business outa the boat a rather large printer and sometimes a portable drafting table is set up so Molly can do her Design work for  landscaping.

So it’s not the Enterprise and all it’s space more like one of Enterprises shuttles. And our adventures continue. Thanks Fred

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We’re Committed…

or should this read “We Need To Be Committed“?

It is a toss up at this point.


So what more do you need to know?

We haven’t posted in awhile… Been super busy and super distracted. What is the first thing to go… Blogging. It takes time and sometimes we just don’t have that time to take.

I started school in January and Fred has been working on a remodel project. We also have have projects at mom’s and a timeline…

The (tentative) move date has been set… March 2016.

We had to set a date. There is so much to do that we could put it off indefinately. With a date, we have to get moving.

So Molly started this post. It’s been set aside for awhile! So I’ll write for a bit. Since we decided a boat would be more suited for village life the Miss Molly appeared in our life. She needs some TLC but what boat doesn’t. We have started to gut the house, so it will be our design and floor lay out. Some of the wiring is a bit of a issue but nothing major. The Boat has 32, 24 and 12 volt systems so there is no way to charge the 32 when underway so it’s going away. 24 and 12 volt should work just fine.

In the engine room we have a Volvo Penta MD 100, a 195 HP marine Diesel engine. A Westerbeke Genarator. 1000 gallon fuel storage capacity. About 150 gallons of water. Most of the electronics are out-dated and need replacing.

So back to the beginning of the post, Yes we need to be committed! Nobody in there right mind would take this on. But our adventure continues we will keep you posted on our progress.

Fred and Molly

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Playing with clay… Week 2

Fred and I worked on our projects from the previous week… I need to be better about taking pictures, I don’t have even one of Fred playing with clay.


I’m slightly disappointed with the class. We have a very good instructor, I am just more of a structured learner and the class we chose is more of a free-for-all.

It is a mixed class. Lots of different levels and experiences and Fred and I are the novices in the class. I keep looking for specific instruction but get a more relaxed approach.

It’s okay, I’ll keep asking questions and learning via reading and practice. I like to know the why’s in addition to the how’s so this is a bit hard for me.

We have some really great classmates though. All pretty experienced and happy to share what they have learned. Two folks brought us books this past weekend. One is for us to keep, the other is to look at to see if it is something we want to purchase. How thoughtful was that?!

THERE ARE NO MISTAKES… just changes in design 😉

You may notice that one of my pots has a hole in it… Well, actually it has two holes.

When I scraped through the bottom I immediately said “crap” and then remembered Fred’s sage words about handcrafted items…

“There are no mistakes, just changes in design.”

Thank goodness, because my bowl just became a flower-pot (with drainage).

I’m experimenting too. Tried a little underglaze and some etching on the clay. Kind of excited to see how they turn out.

Fred tried a different type of clay this week. With two of us in class we each got to pick a bag of clay and decided to choose two different kinds so that we would have an opportunity to experience different things. Before the end of class we may pick up a third bag and try out the porcelain clay.

Right now we are using the pinch pot technique but my plan before the end of class is to learn a little about throwing pots on the wheel and at least trying to see what that feels like.

I finally thought of a project that I would like to attempt. I want to make a couple of Fire Bowls for Fred’s mom’s Koo.éex’ (memorial party) in October. I’ve been busy with project for that event and this would be a good use of my time.

Gankas’íx’i (Fire Dish)
This is done as soon as the meal starts. A member of the father’s clan of the deceased is usually called upon to “take the food” to the deceased at which time they will name one of their own deceased relatives stating it is their own deceased relative who is actually taking food to the person. Someone who returned from the dead once said that those on the other side still needed to be fed and in order to get food to them it had to be burned.

Bowls or dishes with food are given to the opposite clan and special guests. It used to be only certain ones received this now for some reason an effort is made to make sure everyone receives a fire-dish. At least two communities only have a dish for the deceased that is given to an honored guest, and no other dishes are distributed. This is not out of line with haa kusteeyí. A picture of the deceased is usually carried around to show the guests at this time by someone from the guests. Any container given must have something in it.

We are busy working on gifts for the guests of the Koo.éex’. I’m not sure how we are going to get all of this stuff up to Alaska but we will figure it out.

~ Molly

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Playing with clay

Fred and I are playing with clay.

We thought it would be fun to take a class together so we signed up for a ceramic class and are going to be learning different clay techniques.


Today was our first day of class and we started with learning about clay and tools and pinching pots.

We had three assignments for today. Three different pot shapes. Flat bowl, rounded bowl, and cylinder bowl. I did okay on the first two… Not so good on my third bowl.

I also have to get over my “perfectionist” tendencies. It bugs me that my bowls were not perfectly symmetrical… Even if they were my first ones. 😜

Fred says “everything’s just ducky – quack, quack, quack, quack” when asked how he liked the class… 🐥🐥🐥🐥

I’m already looking forward to next week.
~ Molly

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Happy New Year!!! Out with 2014, Welcome 2015

Well, 2014 was quite a year. Some not so great experiences but overall a fantastic year.

Work: Not so great for Molly (me).  I worked too much, was appreciated too little. On the prowl for something new. Starting school on the 5th… Thinking about the future and getting prepped for village life. Fred is taking a break from employment, spending time getting things done around the house and helping a friend with remodel work.

Home: Pretty darn awesome. Yes, overwhelmed with things that need to be cleaned and sorted. Still haven’t simplified but we really are working on it. Really! Lots of laughing at our house. Love being with my mom and my family. Going to enjoy them while we still live close by.

Highlight of the year? Our BIG FAT TLINGIT WEDDING!

The start of our new life... 06/21/2014

The start of our new life… 06/21/2014

It was wonderful having our family and very good friends in attendance. What a fantastic day full of love and laughter.

Furry Kids: We had a scare with Aristotle… Just briefly.  He’s 14.5 years old now. Pretty old for a big dog. He got sick around Christmas but seems to have recovered now.  He is so patient…

Fred and our furry boy Aristotle

Fred and our furry boy Aristotle

Bubby is also 14+ years… She is doing great and we expect her to be around for a good long time.




How did we ring in the new year?

Freezing our butts off! I haven’t ridden my bike in over 3 months due to a back injury. Well that changed today, and hopefully we’ll have many more great rides in 2015.

We had a great (but cold day) riding our bikes with a good friend. We started out on a group ride – the Polar Bear Run, but broke off on our own with Doug after the second stop. It was a beautiful day. Full of sunshine (and some ice). We started in Renton with the group but broke off in Covington and rode the back roads to Duvall for a late lunch.

We made it home just before sunset, frozen to the core.

Can’t wait to get out there again!


May 2015 be everything you wish it to be and more.

~ Molly & Fred


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The Importance of Family… In whatever form

Merry Christmas from our family to yours…

From our home ... to yours

Merry Christmas from our family to yours…


Another year is coming to a close.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends. We spent last night laughing and telling stories. I love my family.

Family is not always blood. Family are those people whom you hold dear. Friends, loved ones and sometimes they are people you barely know.

Rarely a holiday goes by that we do not have a guest in our home who comments about how they so enjoy the love we show towards each other. It is true.

All are welcome in our home. All are treated as family.


We miss being near the kids and grand children. Thank goodness for FaceTime and technology.

Fred had a fun time on his Santa rides… It was fun seeing the looks of the kids and their parents as he rode the streets around town.


2015 is…

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Oh, my eyes, my eyes… but seriously…

The holiday season is in full force… rolling along through December. Christmas shows on the Hallmark Channel (how many times have we watched the same show over and over????), getting the house picked up and getting ready to decorate for the season.

Fred and I participated with The Olympia Toy Run yesterday. This is our second year of participation.

Photo courtesy The Olympia Toy Run FB page

Photo courtesy The Olympia Toy Run FB page

Last year it was 9 degrees – yes NINE degrees. This year it was 27. So much warmer it made a huge difference. There were so many people in attendance it was crazy. I think the following photo was from last year… the skies were NOT sunny yesterday and there was a constant drizzle. It didn’t dampen the fun though.

Photo courtesy of The Olympia Toy Run FB page (Photo 2013)

Photo courtesy of The Olympia Toy Run FB page.

So many sights to see. Lots of fun to be had… some sights too much to see…I was video taping our ride when this rolled up to our right… I just about choked  as I said “NICE” out loud and Fred just about crashed his bike.

My eyes, my eyes... I can't un-see this!

My eyes, my eyes… I can’t un-see this!

Seriously honey, that is just a bit too much crack, even for you… I’ll stop there but the comments on FaceBook were hilarious.

I was really wishing that I could have been on my own bike yesterday but it just wasn’t going to happen.  My back is not up to snuff yet and riding my own bike would have been a very bad idea.  As it is, today I am very sore and I was just a passenger yesterday.

I’ve started seeing a physiatrist so I am hoping that things will start getting better…. soon.

Happy Holidays everyone!  Stay safe out there and watch out for my Santa man on his motorcycle.

~ Molly

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Cherishing life…

Yesterday was a tough day. Fred and I attended a funeral for a friend of his who died WAY TOO YOUNG! He was 49. One year older than I am.

Just before Thanksgiving a classmate of mine passed away, she was WAY TOO YOUNG! She was 48.

Both lived life to the best of their ability dealing with the cards that had been dealt them. An inspiration to all.

As I sat in the funeral home yesterday I cried but I also found myself very thankful for the life that I have and it caused me to remember that life is fleeting and we need to enjoy it… IN THIS MOMENT.

Tomorrow may not come. If we wait until the time is right, or until we have enough money, or until we have things “taken care of”, we may never get the chance to enjoy what we have, right now, this moment.

We came home from the funeral and rushed mom out the door for an evening of enjoying what the season has to offer.  The weather was chilly but dry and today it was supposed to be chilly and wet, so I figured that while we had experienced a long and emotional day, this was the perfect time to get out with mom.

She makes very few requests. She wanted to go to Bellevue Square and experience Snowflake Lane and she wanted to visit the Bellevue Botanical Gardens Garden D’Lights.

We came home exhausted but all in all it was a great evening.

~ Molly

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Putting my money (and my resources) where my mouth is…

Getting our business blog going… No time like the present!

From our home ... to yours

I’m doing it… Finally!  Putting my money (resources) where my mouth is.

I have dreamed for many years about starting my own business and selling my wares.

There are so many things I like to do, and for so long I felt that I had to pick just one thing.

I’m here to tell you that I don’t have to pick one thing that I like to do.  I don’t have to focus on ONE type of item to put out there. And neither do you!

Trying out my own home remedies Trying out my own home remedies – facial cloths (wipes) and shampoo for starters.

My husband and I are planning on moving back to Alaska in the next couple of years. Not just anyplace in Alaska, a small village in SE Alaska. A small and remote village of under 500 people. Accessible by boat or small plane.

Income opportunities are limited, as are access…

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