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Playing with clay… Week 2

Fred and I worked on our projects from the previous week… I need to be better about taking pictures, I don’t have even one of Fred playing with clay. I’m slightly disappointed with the class. We have a very good

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Angoon or Bust!

Fred and I have so many dreams… some come to fruition, others are just… well… dreams. We both miss Alaska, A LOT! At some point we will return… but right now we are in the Seattle area, living with my

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Ideas – Planning the Future of Our Magic Bus

This is our bus. Today we’ve been thinking about what and how we want to do things. Both Molly and I agreed to gut the bus and start over. We been looking at floor plans and layouts of other buses.

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Dreaming of the Magic Bus

A few weeks before our wedding we had a MCI 7 bus fall into our hands. It is pretty dated on the interior and has been sitting for 10 years. The plus is before it was parked it had an

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