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“Women use birth control for a host of reasons—none of which should require a permission slip from their boss.” Senator Patty Murray This, from “…the good Capitol Hill, in the good Washington” Advertisements

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Redefining What is Important

Fred and I took Tuesday off and drove down to Vancouver, Wa. We found out last week that his eldest brother was going to be in Portland for some appointments. He lives about 420 miles away and Vancouver is just

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Let Me Tell You A Story… A Woman’s Right To Reproductive Choices

A few days ago I reblogged a post by Dr. Jen Gunter – An OB/GYN’s opinion on the Supreme Court, Hobby Lobby, and contraception I have been thinking for quite a few days about if and how I wanted to

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Ideas – Planning the Future of Our Magic Bus

This is our bus. Today we’ve been thinking about what and how we want to do things. Both Molly and I agreed to gut the bus and start over. We been looking at floor plans and layouts of other buses.

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So… What About Those Kids? 12 You Say?

I had to chuckle the other day. Fred and I were discussing our life list and the first item he listed was that he wanted to have a dozen kids… Well, that endeavor is completely out of the question. First

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An OB/GYN’s opinion on the Supreme Court, Hobby Lobby, and contraception

Originally posted on Dr. Jen Gunter:
The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, sided with Hobby Lobby (and much of the religious right in the United States) and ruled that a closely held private corporation does not have to provide insurance…

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Dreaming of the Magic Bus

A few weeks before our wedding we had a MCI 7 bus fall into our hands. It is pretty dated on the interior and has been sitting for 10 years. The plus is before it was parked it had an

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Happy Fourth!!!!

Had a super evening with my two favorite people… Went to the Bellevue Family Fourth, ran into a couple who actually knew people we knew. Some from Junior High School and High School and some from Ames Lake where my

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