Space the Final Frontier

Living Aboard has its challenges!!! With two adults one large dog and a cat.

In a space that any prison inmate in solatary confinement would be comfortable in.

Molly and I moved aboard a Erickson 27 sailboat the first of February apartment life was just to much for us rent going up 10% on apartment and about the same on storage. It was just to much for our income all the rates go up but not what we make to live on.

So the Space the Final Frontier no it’s not Star Trek wish it was Capt Kirk has a bigger ship than us. Don’t get me wrong I’m Happy with our lil niche in life a humble lil Erickson 27 sailboat

Molly myself Bubby the cat sleep in the vee berth Hope has a choice of 2 settee.

although she would much prefer to be in bed with her family. I am happy she likes life Aboard the sailboat Bubby has lived on a boat before so nothing new there for her.

The space thing is what to do with what we own that’s Aboard finding cubbys hidy holes for stuff what we need what is essential what is luxuries and what we want put it all on the scale of living and sort it out. Tiny homes are not new things people have been living on boats for years and doing it happily. That’s where wee ant to be

Dont get me wrong we’re happy in our relationship and both of us are comfortable it’s a team effort to do this we both want to be here .

Our happy lil home is in LaConner Wa  in a small 10 slip Marina that’s family owned by mollys cousin  Chip our adventure continues on daily getting up is a challenge I get up make coffee sit give our dog loves feed her and heat water for mollys tea and water to wash her face. Once Molly’s up the space gets smaller I sit dog jumps and sits on settee so Molly can get ready for work at her Nursery job. Mind you our dog Hope is a Dane mix a rather large dog on a small sailboat she has adapted to living on a small boat well with a mean kitty Bubby for a sister it has challenges daily

Plus we run our Business outa the boat a rather large printer and sometimes a portable drafting table is set up so Molly can do her Design work for  landscaping.

So it’s not the Enterprise and all it’s space more like one of Enterprises shuttles. And our adventures continue. Thanks Fred


Been riding since i was 15 54 now . Love riding wind in my face and the taste of bugs at 60 miles a hour....

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