Living Aboard

Living Aboard a Ericson 27 sailboat will let you know what you own!!!

Molly and I moved aboard the end of January beginning of February

Rent in Seattle was just getting to overwhelming  city life was taxing our life style

we have coexisted before in tents camping but never in a boat that’s our home.

all I know for sure is we both Love each other to no end and I can safely say that will never end we’re there for each other in all aspects of our life. The dog Oh Yeah we have a new dog Hope a Lab Dane mix she is sweet lovable and a huge part of our life.

Bubby the kitty has allowed her to live in her space at a distance of coarse she gets to close and beats her senseless with her tail.our lil family has things that need working out but what family doesn’t we’re starting out small seeing how it works out.

and will move on to bigger better things later in life untell then this will work.

Also Molly has work in Mount Vernon WA at a nursery things look up in little steps

even if it’s a step backwards we’re still upright and together. Happy and free

Thank Fred

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