Cherishing life…

Yesterday was a tough day. Fred and I attended a funeral for a friend of his who died WAY TOO YOUNG! He was 49. One year older than I am.

Just before Thanksgiving a classmate of mine passed away, she was WAY TOO YOUNG! She was 48.

Both lived life to the best of their ability dealing with the cards that had been dealt them. An inspiration to all.

As I sat in the funeral home yesterday I cried but I also found myself very thankful for the life that I have and it caused me to remember that life is fleeting and we need to enjoy it… IN THIS MOMENT.

Tomorrow may not come. If we wait until the time is right, or until we have enough money, or until we have things “taken care of”, we may never get the chance to enjoy what we have, right now, this moment.

We came home from the funeral and rushed mom out the door for an evening of enjoying what the season has to offer.  The weather was chilly but dry and today it was supposed to be chilly and wet, so I figured that while we had experienced a long and emotional day, this was the perfect time to get out with mom.

She makes very few requests. She wanted to go to Bellevue Square and experience Snowflake Lane and she wanted to visit the Bellevue Botanical Gardens Garden D’Lights.

We came home exhausted but all in all it was a great evening.

~ Molly

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