Spring has Sprung 

Been busy working never really thought about the weather change. But we’re using the heater less! Days are getting longer

But the rain still gets in the way of any extiorior boat work. Like painting oiling teak all the stuff that I fretted about all winter.

Our plants are doing good on the float had 2 casualtys 1 Fir tree and my prize Japanese Maple blew off the float. Was bummed about my Maple but life goes on planted some flower in a planter box yesterday and moved stuff around on the float.

Who da thunk I would enjoy gardening planting thing watching it grow would be satisfying to my soul. And a floating garden at that!!!

I think of all my life changes most of them for the better. No alcohol no smoking trying to be more spiritual about how I do things trying to be there for our youth. I just wish I could have done this sooner for my children. I always wander what my dad ment when he said life is short as I get older I understand this more. Both my parent I met later on in life like I was 20 plus years old. But that’s another story .

Spring has sprung life is fresh in my head as new life events happen. I grow older learning from my past!!! And utilize what I learned in daily living. For today I’m a better person.




Been riding since i was 15 54 now . Love riding wind in my face and the taste of bugs at 60 miles a hour....

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