Oh, my eyes, my eyes… but seriously…

The holiday season is in full force… rolling along through December. Christmas shows on the Hallmark Channel (how many times have we watched the same show over and over????), getting the house picked up and getting ready to decorate for the season.

Fred and I participated with The Olympia Toy Run yesterday. This is our second year of participation.

Photo courtesy The Olympia Toy Run FB page

Photo courtesy The Olympia Toy Run FB page

Last year it was 9 degrees – yes NINE degrees. This year it was 27. So much warmer it made a huge difference. There were so many people in attendance it was crazy. I think the following photo was from last year… the skies were NOT sunny yesterday and there was a constant drizzle. It didn’t dampen the fun though.

Photo courtesy of The Olympia Toy Run FB page (Photo 2013)

Photo courtesy of The Olympia Toy Run FB page.

So many sights to see. Lots of fun to be had… some sights too much to see…I was video taping our ride when this rolled up to our right… I just about choked  as I said “NICE” out loud and Fred just about crashed his bike.

My eyes, my eyes... I can't un-see this!

My eyes, my eyes… I can’t un-see this!

Seriously honey, that is just a bit too much crack, even for you… I’ll stop there but the comments on FaceBook were hilarious.

I was really wishing that I could have been on my own bike yesterday but it just wasn’t going to happen.  My back is not up to snuff yet and riding my own bike would have been a very bad idea.  As it is, today I am very sore and I was just a passenger yesterday.

I’ve started seeing a physiatrist so I am hoping that things will start getting better…. soon.

Happy Holidays everyone!  Stay safe out there and watch out for my Santa man on his motorcycle.

~ Molly

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