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Space the Final Frontier

Living Aboard has its challenges!!! With two adults one large dog and a cat. In a space that any prison inmate in solatary confinement would be comfortable in. Molly and I moved aboard a Erickson 27 sailboat the first of

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Playing with clay… Week 2

Fred and I worked on our projects from the previous week… I need to be better about taking pictures, I don’t have even one of Fred playing with clay. I’m slightly disappointed with the class. We have a very good

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Happy New Year!!! Out with 2014, Welcome 2015

Well, 2014 was quite a year. Some not so great experiences but overall a fantastic year. Work: Not so great for Molly (me).  I worked too much, was appreciated too little. On the prowl for something new. Starting school on

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Oh, my eyes, my eyes… but seriously…

The holiday season is in full force… rolling along through December. Christmas shows on the Hallmark Channel (how many times have we watched the same show over and over????), getting the house picked up and getting ready to decorate for

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Cherishing life…

Yesterday was a tough day. Fred and I attended a funeral for a friend of his who died WAY TOO YOUNG! He was 49. One year older than I am. Just before Thanksgiving a classmate of mine passed away, she

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December… Already

I can’t believe that it is already December. DECEMBER!!!! And I was reminded that Christmas is only 24 days away! Where has the time gone? We just got back from the ocean (Long Beach Peninsula) with our family. My cousins came up

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Angoon or Bust!

Fred and I have so many dreams… some come to fruition, others are just… well… dreams. We both miss Alaska, A LOT! At some point we will return… but right now we are in the Seattle area, living with my

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Redefining What is Important

Fred and I took Tuesday off and drove down to Vancouver, Wa. We found out last week that his eldest brother was going to be in Portland for some appointments. He lives about 420 miles away and Vancouver is just

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So… What About Those Kids? 12 You Say?

I had to chuckle the other day. Fred and I were discussing our life list and the first item he listed was that he wanted to have a dozen kids… Well, that endeavor is completely out of the question. First

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Happy Fourth!!!!

Had a super evening with my two favorite people… Went to the Bellevue Family Fourth, ran into a couple who actually knew people we knew. Some from Junior High School and High School and some from Ames Lake where my

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