We’re Committed…

or should this read “We Need To Be Committed“?

It is a toss up at this point.


So what more do you need to know?

We haven’t posted in awhile… Been super busy and super distracted. What is the first thing to go… Blogging. It takes time and sometimes we just don’t have that time to take.

I started school in January and Fred has been working on a remodel project. We also have have projects at mom’s and a timeline…

The (tentative) move date has been set… March 2016.

We had to set a date. There is so much to do that we could put it off indefinately. With a date, we have to get moving.

So Molly started this post. It’s been set aside for awhile! So I’ll write for a bit. Since we decided a boat would be more suited for village life the Miss Molly appeared in our life. She needs some TLC but what boat doesn’t. We have started to gut the house, so it will be our design and floor lay out. Some of the wiring is a bit of a issue but nothing major. The Boat has 32, 24 and 12 volt systems so there is no way to charge the 32 when underway so it’s going away. 24 and 12 volt should work just fine.

In the engine room we have a Volvo Penta MD 100, a 195 HP marine Diesel engine. A Westerbeke Genarator. 1000 gallon fuel storage capacity. About 150 gallons of water. Most of the electronics are out-dated and need replacing.

So back to the beginning of the post, Yes we need to be committed! Nobody in there right mind would take this on. But our adventure continues we will keep you posted on our progress.

Fred and Molly

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