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Spring has SprungĀ 

Been busy working never really thought about the weather change. But we’re using the heater less! Days are getting longer But the rain still gets in the way of any extiorior boat work. Like painting oiling teak all the stuff

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Space the Final Frontier

Living Aboard has its challenges!!! With two adults one large dog and a cat. In a space that any prison inmate in solatary confinement would be comfortable in. Molly and I moved aboard a Erickson 27 sailboat the first of

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Ideas – Planning the Future of Our Magic Bus

This is our bus. Today we’ve been thinking about what and how we want to do things. Both Molly and I agreed to gut the bus and start over. We been looking at floor plans and layouts of other buses.

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Dreaming of the Magic Bus

A few weeks before our wedding we had a MCI 7 bus fall into our hands. It is pretty dated on the interior and has been sitting for 10 years. The plus is before it was parked it had an

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