Redefining What is Important

Fred and I took Tuesday off and drove down to Vancouver, Wa.

We found out last week that his eldest brother was going to be in Portland for some appointments. He lives about 420 miles away and Vancouver is just about half way.

It was a LONG and exhausting day but oh so worth it. We believe that we need to spend time with the ones we love, while we have it. Family is everything.

Choices, Choices

We had a staff meeting at work tonight. One of our topics of discussion was about the need to determine if folks were still a good fit for our organization. We’ve been through a lot of change and there is still more to come. We have grown and changed how we do things.

People are grumbling about the change and some are unhappy. They are bringing that to work and making other folks miserable.

I explained that it was time for people to decide whether they were happy and indicated that they needed to either choose to be present, leaving the garbage at the door, or if they needed to move on.  

They could make a change and be positive, choose to self select out of the organization or we would select them out of a job. If they chose to stay, they would have to change their attitude and behaviors or we would help them find a different job. I am totally serious about that!

The Back Story

A lot of things happened in 2009. Life changing things.

I shared a story tonight about a career change, a story to illustrate what I was talking about at the meeting tonight.

In 2009, things had changed so much at my workplace that I became unhappy. Really unhappy. I tried my best to keep a positive attitude and worked hard to keep my level of work up.

I was fooling myself. One day while I was talking to a coworker about changes in the organization and about the miserable people who were working there I said “please let me know if and when I become ‘one of those people'” when she replied “you are.”

That was an eye opener. I couldn’t fool myself anymore. There it was staring me in the face. I realized that the organization was going in a direction where I no longer fit… I needed to move on. That decision change my entire career path and my life.

It was the defining moment where I decided that living was more important than defining myself by my work.

I’m not going back to that “dark place”.

Mt. St. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument

I thought I would share some photos from our road trip.

We picked up Fred’s brother and wife and drove to Mt. St. Helens. I hadn’t been there in years and Fred and his brother had never been there.

It was a beautiful and awesome day. I love Fred’s family!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures!

Tell me, have you ever had that “defining moment” in your life that changed everything? What was it?

~ Molly

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