Ideas – Planning the Future of Our Magic Bus

Our Magic Bus

Our Magic Bus

This is our bus. Today we’ve been thinking about what and how we want to do things.

Both Molly and I agreed to gut the bus and start over. We been looking at floor plans and layouts of other buses.

The first thing I noticed is that everyone wants their old bus to look up to date.  Molly and I are both happy with the old-looking original lights, windows, tail lights.

We are looking at modernizing things like backup cameras, and LED lights where we can use them.

We are investigating alternate power sources. We both agree to solar and wind power to augment the 12 and 110 volt system.

This bus packs 450 gallons of water so we are considering downsizing the water tanks. We can get by with half of that so we will get rid of the water tank under the bed.

All this work might scare the average person. Being from Alaska I learned to be versatile in doing things.

I have experience wiring and repairing boats, including woodwork and so on. It’s just another adventure for me I’m hopping this Blog helps others in their ventures with bus conversions. I’ll try to document all we do to the Magic Bus.

The name came from the Who song Magic Bus.

~ Fred


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RV Powered By Solar

Living the Fulltime RV Lifestyle


Been riding since i was 15 54 now . Love riding wind in my face and the taste of bugs at 60 miles a hour....

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2 comments on “Ideas – Planning the Future of Our Magic Bus
  1. Julia graham says:

    interior pics???


    • Miss Molly says:

      We’ll post more as we progress. There is going to be a lot of demolition and we’ll be sure to post our progress every step of the way.


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