Dreaming of the Magic Bus

A few weeks before our wedding we had a MCI 7 bus fall into our hands. It is pretty dated on the interior and has been sitting for 10 years. The plus is before it was parked it had an engine replaced and lots of suspension work done.

This is not our bus same model though.

This is not our bus same model though.

Molly and I dream a lot. It would be nice to see some dreams become a reality.



This bus will need lots of elbow grease and time and money. Part of our dreams is travel with our family and grandchildren. To wherever!!! Just enjoying our time with them

Big and lil trouble

Big and lil trouble

We are a pretty active family. We love camping, hiking, picnics, and are just a plain fun type of a family, so this bus will be our Magic Bus!!!

I like it that we can do things together and enjoy life. Something I never had growing up .

~ Fred


Been riding since i was 15 54 now . Love riding wind in my face and the taste of bugs at 60 miles a hour....

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